The new presentation tools

I remeber when I used to be excited about when Google Docs  offered presentational software. Back then all the presentations were in some office suite, that is if you wanted it on PC and did NOT want to mess with some several images solution.

I was all giddy with the possibility of just going somewhere, logging in to google and being able to present.

The world moved on and today I am happy to see how presentations have been taken beyond their usual format and have matured into a new form. A quick line-up of some projects I really like!
I was recently extremely impressed by this slideshow package. Prepare the basic files; compile ’em and you ve got an ajax enhanced set of html pages; ready for your presentational enjoyment. Little problem for those using chrome as it uses ajax and the strict security rules for ajax dont allow that (ajax requests need to come from the domain itself) but use another browser or put it in your localhost apache server 😉 Its well worth it!
Prezi enables you to easily make kinetic text style presentations.I heard about it from opmerking amedee’s bca5 presention and except for the problems Amedee talks about, its a wonderful concept. He found the only export options are a windows exe or a pathetic pdf. The exe contains flv content and you could probably extract the presentation from there, but none the less, its a bother.
Slideshare lastly takes presentations to a next level, allowing you to easily share presentations over the interwebs and watch them online. Worth a visit and a game changer worth noticing!



Cool software! 🙂

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