As a follow up to my About Page analysis, I have set up About.gertschepens.be.

[qrcodetag size=”300″ link=”true”]http://about.gertschepens.be[/qrcodetag]

The page is a vanilla Drupal 7 setup with 4 additional modules, for Google Analytics and path ease of use. (any install should have these, really!)

The page contains all the popular elements in a handy personal overview; a nice professional page and a more tab for the loads of info that would bloat up the original pages too much.

The QR codes are all static, since they dont change that often or even at all, no need to install a QR code plugin. The codes on the Personal and Professional pages contain contact info. The QR codes for the pages themselves are not important for visitors so they are available trough a link on the bottom of the pages. The codes are simply listed on a page; again static since they dont change that often.

There are no sharing options, I can do that by hand. There is no vcard download because I dont use those. There is no friends whatever since thats not what that page is about. Also no need for special jQuery magic.

There are stats trough google analytics and there is no dedicated mobile version of the page since its lightweight enough to load decently on a browser.

As of now, I can easily tell people all about me by pointing them to about.gertschepens.be! The question however remains if this page will get much hits 😉

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