Reflection and review on the Twitter style exercise

This started off as a ps to the former post but really deserves a post of its own. Its a very valid point.

Im finding I am often frustrated by the 140 twitter characters.

But figuring this was just because it was hard to write that concise, I took a haiku approach. Zen, Soberness, being Concise and to the Point! And that was fun! But I often have a message to bring that doesn’t fit 140 characters. In writing this I also discover that I have taken on an annoying habit of shortening words. Although becomes altho. Characters becomes chars. .. It works on twitter but in reality its just a pollution of my writing habit and does no good to my message.

So I will probably start blogging a slight more..

This previous post is a great example really.. I tweeted this first as “gen: Figured out why the phone was having death spasms. The prettay Pixel Clock was killing it :/” but I really wanted to repeat the actual comment in the market and the blog post allowed me to do that in as many characters, words, flowery descriptions, .. it required.

Is this bloat? Should I be content with and able to express myself in 140 characters?
No. Some messages just need more text and although abiding to the twitter length was a great exercise and an interesting lesson, its not a good writing rule.

Each message its medium.

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