1U mounted into the #Lackrack

I got my 3 Lackrack units earlier but wasn’t able to put the 1U inside due to hardware problems. More about that in an upcoming ugly rant starring Jetway and Western Digital.

The mounted 1U, Bront

The mounted 1U, Back

The mounting in progress

and the necessary hardware

The legs are partially hollow, (more on that in the link at the top,) but this shouldn’t be a problem since I put the bolts through the entire leg, there is no grip into the hard core of the leg, the stress is on the bolt, its head and the exterior core of the leg. The mounting brackets could be better if they were attached to both the front and back legs, but they do ultimately work. If it all breaks down in a few days, I will obviously admit to this in the comments *rolleyes*

Another Lackrack success 🙂

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4 thoughts on “1U mounted into the #Lackrack

    1. No, the point is having a clean and orderly pile of working electronics in my basement without having to shell out the prohibitive cost of an actual rack. (Check the Lackrack page for more info and pictures)

      I do like the breakfast idea though.. But the noise would be a problem :/


  1. Been thinking of doing this myself, but how well does it stand up to the weight of servers? I know that some gear I have is somewhat heavy.


    1. The 1u hanging in there is quite heavy and it holds up ok; though the brackets do sag a little. The most important part would be having decent brackets that affix on both sides and that are strong enough to bear the weight..

      The table itself holds up perfectly; I have stood on the table, so the base construction is strong enough. In affixing the gear; I believe if you drill through the leg (it being hollow for the most part) and put a screw through the whole thing like I posted; it will carry heavy weights without problems.

      Also the Lackrack site/wikipage has alternate affixing options; though I ultimately prefer it the way I did it.

      Though honestly; I think you d best just try one; those tables are hellacheap..


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