Product Placement

I just realized I d like (decently organised) product placement after watching an episode of Lie to me.

They have these super cool conference call phone devices. (Like the ShoreTel IP Phone 8000 but it looks better) With cameras apparently, since they use those in some episodes. I’m very curious about such conference call devices and I’d love to get one of those! It ‘d have to be a Bluetooth device, since we don’t do land line and, well .. a slew of other features.. but I’m looking.

So, since they use one of those conference call things nearly every episode, I was hoping to find more about it on their site. This makes sense, use real products in your series; though don’t over do the whole placement thing; enjoy the added realism as an extra bonus and list the placements on the website (preferably by episode and with time stamps) so that if anyone figures they actually want to get one of those, they can look it all up!

If done right, series can probably shift away from the classic model where they sell to TV stations and just release the series for free to the internet and whatever station wants to pick it up. (Stations could still pay for First Broadcast exclusivity and have ads up front and afterwards)
But I guess the greed will keep the old system going for a while :/

It d solve Piracy! But Hollywood doesnt want to solve privacy, with litigation being so profitable.

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