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I recently listened to Actual Play, Actual People Episode 25 – Dirty Secrets: With Porn Stars and was Really intrigued by the concept of free role-playing. So I went and bought the Dirty Secrets pdf file from the producer (Nice guy, very fast email support!), (very nice book!) I had a look and really cant wait to check it out 🙂 The whole story gets created on top of what the different players come up with. Awesome!
All I need now is a bunch of appropriate minds to create a story with 🙂

A second podcast that really intrigued me was Episode 31 Lady Blackbird: Still Flying. Lady Blackbird is another of those free form games; a little more structured as it has characters and a real GM. Created by the good people at Lady Blackbird And it looks AWESOME! Im extremely curious how it plays!

Checking out other products on the site, I stumbled upon Danger Patrol. A 50s heroes TV show poured into a game! And without any scenario, but instead .. a GREAT system for pouring what the players say in their intros (what happened last episode) into todays scenario! Its amazing, really! One of the most novel systems I read so far!
Cant wait to play this one either (though the Noir topping in Dirty Secrets makes me want to play Secrets first 🙂 )

Once I saw these three, I got curious and discovered a huuuge list of Story Games: Story_Games_by_Title And from that list, I discovered several other Fine games!

Like The Leftovers: a slapstick fantasy storytelling game. With an interesting mechanic.
Or Sagefight: Honestly, VERY funny in concept, might play it some day 🙂 Doesnt look too cool to onlookers though..

One that came very highly rated was CONSPIRACY OF SHADOWS: DIRTY HANDS – I heard a lot of good about this and apparently you start off by creating the situation with all the players and then game through it.. Sounds awesome; haven’t read through it though.. Sound promising!

And as a last one on the list of fresh discoveries was Cold City. A game of hidden agendas, trust and monster hunting. Driven by Paranoia, Fear and Suspicion. Now doesn’t that sound GREAT? Sounds like a fuckin’ great way to spend an evening 🙂 Havent shelled out the money (considering the bundle) but Ill probably get the pdf some time soon, it sounds like a game Id like to play 🙂

Its awesome to realize these things are made possible by the new technologies. Decent quality pdf files, the internet, awesome download speeds, .. Equalizing the playing field, allowing anyone to publish anything without having to go into the publishing system. And giving great new ideas a fair chance at natural selection.
Lets hope music gets liberated from the big companies soon. Downloadable in decent formats and for a consumer market set price.. We d all benefit from that!

Ps. Feel free to buy me the Cold War bundle or the Witchfire trilogy from my Wishlist 😉 (there are some weird dupes on there and .. I removed the lamentation bundle a while ago already – so dont buy that 😉 )

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