More Fon 2100 (0.7.2 r3) to OpenWRT Fun

Had another unit lying around, gathering dust. Mini portable servers are an incredible source of potential fun.. if you can do with them what you need to. And that means not being locked down to the firmware. Initial firmware was 0.7.2 r3; which sucks. Luckilly, after a hardware reset, the software reverted to the more handle-able 0.7.1 r1

After some research, it turns out this Fon version has a locked down RedBoot (the software that makes the trick in the previous post work.) Unlocking this means getting ssh access (today trough a sad code injection exploit – are they Serious?? Luckily for us exploiting fuckers, they are.) – Once connected over ssh we need to upgrade the kernel to a version that will allow us to alter the RedBoot config. And a reboot later we need to actually update the config. After that its back to the old automated method as used in the earlier post.

Life can be simple. The whole thing in links:

There, Another Kamikaze up n running.

And tomorrow its time to have some Wireless fun!

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