Really updating the Hero

After the dissapointments and sparkle of hope I talked about in “Updating the Hero” earlier, I kept a close watch on the site with that crontab I described. (damn, what machine is that running on again? .. probably the Soekris…) The crontab yielded results several times, but it was never the update I was waiting for. Tired of waiting, I mailed the HTC guys again and got the following reply today! pobeert u de bovenste link met uw serienummer dit zou moeten werken

Approximate Translation: Please try the above URL, this should work for your serial number

So I did and the download worked! I now have the necessary files and am preparing the Hero for updating. I dont like that it requires Windows, but Virtualbox up and running solved that too.

After some backing up (the upgrade apparently destroys all data and you cant be too sure so I backed up the SD too.) we re ready to Go! (More breaking news as the matter evolves!)

I guess the whole HTC sync to Virtualbox doesnt work as easy as I hoped – Sync and the phone dont find each other as they should.. I guess Ill have to find a Windows computer 😦

But at least I now have what should be a working upgrade file for my wifes Belgian HTC Hero :s

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6 thoughts on “Really updating the Hero

    1. Well, as I explained in the earlier post, the OTA update requires at least firmware version (its in there somewhere) to be installed. Vi has one version less than that, so no update until we are able to upgrade her phone to the version that does do the OTA thing. An upgrade that promises to wipe her phone. But that upgrade wasnt available before; but is now. If you have a windows machine to run the .exe files since Wine nor VBox will do the trick.

      Going over to a friends house today who doesn’t mind squandering resources (and what not) to be mainstream.

      Guess thats what you get for buying a phone early..


  1. Upgrade complete! I still wonder why they have me install a 100mb upgrade, followed by the regular 5mb OTA and 80mb OTA; but in the end; im just glad Viona is finally able to see my Google Calendar items too!

    Hooray for HTC and the new phone software mentality!


  2. I had rooted and flash my Hero earlier, but as I got it back from repair recently, and found it to be flashed with the original old firmware, I wanted to go ‘regular’.

    Until I found out I shouldn’t have bought it at Mobistar, as it’s a ‘special version’ which doesn’t get the 2.1 update.

    Way to go Mobistar.


    1. Hehe, I knew there d be other blogs rocking the Greyzed Theme, but its still a mindfuck to actually see one 🙂 Tnx for the link!

      Those carrier modified phones suck; I have a Proximus Magic and the only thing it ever did for me was not having the Youtube app. Thank Cyanogen for his mod!
      It might be taking a risk, but have you considered flashing the regular belgian rom over your phone? Might just work.. ? (though it might as easily brick your phone too, who knows..)

      Anywho, Cyanogen now supports the Hero too, so if necessary, you can still dump the vanilla rom and go Froyo 🙂


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