Captchas in Perl?

Although I really love the reCaptcha system, I was asked to check out Captchas that were 100% certain (even when the serv would not be able to reach extrernal servers)

So Im checking out “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” in Perl!
The main concerns being Security, Legibility and Independence. Turns out a CPAN search for Captcha spits out 74 hits! Lots of Captchas for frameworks; not an option though..

Authen::Captcha – Perl extension for creating captcha’s to verify the human element in transactions.
Looks good. Had some concerns over the filename security, but after a short code review, those doubts have been laid to rest.

Authen::PluggableCaptcha – A pluggable Captcha framework for Perl
The concept looks great, but after losing too much time on the Imager module, Im droping this one for the time being. Cant figure out if the CAPTCHAs are worth anything if I cant generate an example 😉

GD::SecurityImage – Security image (captcha) generator.
Does what is says; generate captchas. With some configuration effort it will probably even make legible captchas. I am looking for a full solution so none of that 🙂

LOTS of frameworks and irrelevant stuff..

Looks like we ll be giving the Authen::Captcha the spotlight. Hooray..

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