The first Storage Brick!

In the quest for reliable and expendable storage, I drew up a plan for a storage array. The first stone has now been laid in the form of my first 1u, mini ITX based, rack mountable storage server.

(The weird Garfield colored rug to the right IS indeed our cat.) This first brick will run its storage on 2 disks, each 2Tb, over a raid controller, configured to behave as RAID 1.

The orders were placed, packages received (very timely I might add!) and the assembly was adventurous!

First step, installing the Motherboard.

Connecting some cables and installing the daughterboard for RAID comfort..

Installing the first HD, top left standing behind the unit

Then the 2nd HD (this one had me puzzled for a sec..) under where the slimdrive CD drive might go

Finally, making sure all is well ordered before closing up

And checking the new server out in all its Freshness. Front

And back; Cant wait to boot this puppy!

Time to get out and enjoy the sun! And drink lots of jummy water!

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