The Comics. Transmetropolitan, Wolverine Noir, Old Man Logan.

My dear friends got the hint and handed me a wad of cash to go spend at Betty Boop. It was a tough choice and I ordered Y, The last man for next time I have money to spend..

This times harvest was the following Fine selection!


More of Spider’s antics


Shit going south and all that!

Wolverine Noir

Wonderful Crime Noir story; starring Logan. Cool Stuff! All the classic aspects and some cool twists and surprises to boot

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

The real surprise of the lot! Wonderful comic! Rich edition, very nice in all its aspects, some EXTREMELY cool moments and images (bloody too) and a very dramatic story! Great cliffhangers too!!! Very Cool Book!

Published by Gert


6 thoughts on “The Comics. Transmetropolitan, Wolverine Noir, Old Man Logan.

    1. No, I havent checked Preacher out. The christian mythos dont really do it for me. That being said, it does look nice and Ill be trying to get my hands on the first issues to see how much I really like it ๐Ÿ™‚


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