I put up a page with the fun bash scripts I use regularly at

It features 3 scripts:

  • pass
    Generates random 10 char A-Za-z0-9_ password. Simple but Extremely convenient to generate annoying but moderately safe passwords.
  • Oberon
    Connects to gateway home server over ssh. Checks if I am at home or outside by checking a webpage on that server, if it loads, it connects to the internal IP; if not it gets the IP adress from a webpage (I made Jopin for exactly this purpose) and connects to that with some extra tunnels in place.
  • remote_tar
    I use this as a crude way to set up a dated backup. The script connects over ssh, tars the content you request and saves the resulting archive to your harddisk. You will need to input your password manually or use public key auth.

For those whom it may help 😉

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