Mithras Court: A Novel of the Mists

I finished Mithras Court: A Novel of the Mists by David A. Page today; a novel in the Dominion ravenloft series; a series that saw 2 books in print before being canceled.

That being said, I was slightly dissapointed by Heavens Bones earlier, it didnt really play by the Ravenloft rules enough or something like that. This last book however was perfectly how I wanted it. Thrilling and with a fitting ending.

Now sadly, this also heralds the end of this series, apparently WotC doesnt think they should publish more. Not the elusive The Sleep of Reason (Dominion) (ISBN) I found referenced earlier nor the finished Black Crusade (Though that IS apparently available on their website..)

Sad that they don’t continue the Ravenloft series :/

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