Steamroller 2; 5th place!

Todays steamroller was a Success. Great bunch of people, lots of fun, .. Good Roller! 🙂

And the next Steamroller had been announced for the 19th of June.

Also 🙂 the overall ranking has been updated; hooray! I did sink slightly in the rankings though :/

On a personal level; the roller wasnt all that good.. I had a lot of damaged units in transport, so the start was “en mineur”. Quickly followed by being handed the Bye (No match, 1TP, 0CP) because of the odd number of players, I had fun watching but Id ‘ve rather played! Then a loss against Dimi followed by a draw (a close one on both sides of the table) against Jurgen; Khador is HEAVY to battle against!
None the less; Fun!

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