The New Site

There, is out there.

A Welcome, a Projects section and an About..

And in the Projects section with the Gnu Screen Tutorial, the info and code on Jopin, the Wammu2cvs code, an overview of the Writings and a proper set of project pages for the eSwitchpad.

And WITH some pretty goodies like the mobilecode page urls (mobilecodes are QR codes for people who are ..); micro.cone widget; code highlighter script; more 🙂

Im quite content.

Now all I need is to set the site icons, get the blog aggregation going so that I can steer most people away from the nudity and profanity I post here regularly and fix the css so that the page fils out a bit better. And offcourse put the IP script in there and go trough the old code (not the Really Old code though) and see if there is anything in there thats remotely usefull to be there.

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