The iPad

I just enjoyed the Daily Giz Wiz iPad review (ROFL at the new Here come the letters jingle :D) on YouTube

and it DOES confirm that I want such a device!

Just not the apple one πŸ˜€

I am persuaded that I have lots of uses for a tablet as a coffee table device; to read newspapers, magazines, etc.. I just LOVE the new Marvel Comics app on the iPad.. I have Linux Journal in PDF and its a pain to read on my laptop, I can read it on the phone but :/ my eyes just need more and bigger.. I also believe that Viona d love the pad to replace her netbook (we can by now safely say the netbooks and apple triggered the Tablet revolution – though I heard the iPad is a bit on the heavy side..)Β  for all the above and the mandatory email and media watching.

So please, WePad, Dont dissapoint. As a second option to The Best Andoid Tablet I have high expectations of the Archos Home Tablet.. I hope they do it right. Or at least one of them.. At any rate, I wont risk ordering one out of the blue; but I MIGHT drive to Germany this summer to test it somewhere..

The ONLY problem I see and fear wont be solved anytime soon is the content lock Apple has. They have iTunes, a hatefull platform but one with loads of content; they have an Amazon Kindle app, their own reading app, the Marvel app, .. Android simply lacks most of those; again, not that big of a problem to overcome Technically; but its not the technical part thats lacking, its the content agreements. And I fear that Google will have to throw their weight before being able to solve that :/

And on a related note.. Whow @ the YouTube Transcribe service!!! hot damn! Still a way to go though πŸ™‚ More off than not. Still, I Love It!!! ROFL! Its Hillarious πŸ˜€ “Backup your PC or MAN” ROFL!

Edit: Greg just pointed me to the Notion Ink Adam; another great contender in the list; And with the eInk, it actually sounds waay more interesting than the others!

More edit: The WePad apparently changed its name to the weTab. Does sound like Apple are sore losers πŸ˜‰

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4 thoughts on “The iPad

  1. I like the adam, but it still looks kinda rough around the edges. I’m not too fond of classic tft displays for my reading needs, that’s why I was already looking into the classic tablet market, but I’ll let it rest for a little longer, before I make up my mind…


  2. Since I’m looking for a capable e-reader in the first place, the iPad isn’t too high up on my list. I’m also not completely convinced with the closed platform, marketplace, single tasking, lack of flash support,…


  3. same here..
    Im kinda surprised that Leo (and others) seem to appreciate it for its being an eReader.. I had expected more negative comments on that part


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