Considering getting a decent printer. We dont have that right now. We have retro scrap printers. Good printers, mind you.. but .. a bit aged (to say the least)

So I was considering a HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One..

Cnet seems to like the thing (its an Editors Choice), HP usually offers decent Linux compatibility, it apparently has an automatic document feeder and the price is not too over the top (around 217 w/o vat)

I just wonder how it does the scanning part over Wifi.. Luckilly, the manuals are available online! (I dont know why any company would not put their user manuals online! Its invaluable) Hooray, it should have Scan to Network! I’ve been wanting to move our whole incoming mail administration to computer.. This should help!

Now to find out what my Darling thinks about it..

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2 thoughts on “Printer

  1. Gert, if you like we still have some of these machines (very good ones) at attractive prices. Also there’s an nice offerting at the moment via which nets you a ā‚¬ 35,00 cash-back and 3 years warranty NBD on-site (a value of over ā‚¬ 100,00!) after registering your official invoice.

    Give me a yell if you want it!


    1. You know, I might actually take you up on that šŸ˜‰ Tnx for the offer!
      No decision yet on whether we buy it or not though..


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