Warmachine vs @NimbleMind

Last saturday, I had a go at Warmachine VS Erik. And since everything (yes, that includes Warmachine) is better with a story; we set the board with a story background in mind.

Vile Mercenary forces had taken a small port city in the Motherland and tried to set up base there. The intrusion into the Motherland could of course not go unpunished, so Karchev set forth to extract the foul meatbags from our pretty motherland; hoping the renegade Mercenaries had had the decency of taking prisoners. A vain one, considering the Mercenary mindset and their atrocious disregard for Human Life. Still, If only to provide decent burial to the casualties instead of the barbaric and inhumane treatment by the renegade brutes!


The Mercenaries dug in in their enforced port location; waiting for the hulking Khador Jacks to reclaim their territory.

The mercenaries camped out, taking remote shots with their two snipers on the towers. Barely denting the robust Khadoran armor.

As the warjacks drew closer, the Mercenary forces rallied their bombards in an attempt to weaken the iron war machines and slow their rescue mission. In a further attempt to postpone honest fighting, the Mercenaries sacrificed one of their strong models to the might of the Khadoran engineering!

Their tactics proved efficient, forcing Drago to a mechanical malfunction. Dragos demise however came with a devastating explosion, nearly killing the crummy Mercenary jack. (the killing blow – The Khadorans are a Merciful people – came swiftly after). More Mercenary destruction quickly paved the path for Khador to eliminate the rogue Warcaster..

Mere dusting and a killing blow were all that needed to be done; victory was but a bloodied hair away. Sadly, time ran out and we had to abandon the campaign; leaving the outcome a question mark looming over the occupied town. What evil tactics would the desperate mercenaries attempt next in their unlawful attempt at dominating the poor Khadoran Women and Children who called That port town their home..

How far will these loathesome Mercenaries go in their pathetic attempts against Our Beloved Motherland?!?

The next encounter, death will come for them. Violent, gory and all but swift!

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