I’m joining in on Zack from “Playing DnD with Porn stars” ‘s Secret Arneson Gift Exchange!

Its Secret Santa combined with DnD, Birthdays and Creativity

Description of the event from the original post
S0 here’s the deal-we call it the Secret Arneson Party.

Basically, at the beginning of July, everybody who wants to participate e-mails some central someone (me, if nobody else wants to do it) a request for some specific brand new campaign material–a new race, a location, a one-shot adventure outline, a random table, whatever. The idea is to be as specific as you need to be, but not too greedy (ask for a page or two of material).

Then the person running the Secret Arneson mixes all the campaign stuff requests up and e-mails them randomly back out to the people who entered. (Like a secret santa.)

Everybody gets the requests, and then they have until Gary’s birthday to write up something matching the request. Then you post the material on-line or just send it back to the person who asked for that thing in the first place.

(It probaby goes without saying that none of this stuff should get used commercially unless the person who wrote it gets paid. Let’s not celebrate the Gygax/Arneson relationship too controversially.)

link: Ok, The Secret Arneson Gift Exchange Is Happening

Im looking forward to the whole thing 🙂 I do hope I get something writing related since I’d probably dissapoint in case of an art request, though I’ll do whatever I am sent and .. art might turn out an interesting challenge.. Im curious 🙂

I’ll post the flow of the matters and the final result up here and in Zaks comments (though the comments I leave there appear to get lost somehow :/ Annoying. At least the 2 OpenID comments did, maybe this latest google user comment wont.. We ll see)

Now, What to ask for.. 🙂

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