I just realised something about the microsoft surface.

I just realised something about the microsoft surface. Its all about the bragging rights and even more about the free publicity 🙂

Snazzy tech attrackts attention, so they dev some cool, snazzy tech; create a cool tech demo, throw it on the market for some insane price (11k euro) and blamo! They re hot and relevant again. No worries about it being a crappy product, at 11k and that ugly a format (reminds me of my pond filter), no sane person will actually BUY it (no matter how cool the DnD tech demo looked)

No need to make a decent OS; these guys are at the top of any game, they created the Surface!

Good to know all that money is at least going into some R&D instead of just lobbying countries into force feeding their productsto anyone who wants anything to do with them.

Or they could just start making decent software again.

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