Quick update to status.net 0.9.1

Running micro.cone on Status.net 0.9.0; Evan advises to update, so I do; figuring this to be a quick one over noon.. No such luck

When running the database update, I ran into the following error

# ./scripts/rebuilddb.sh rootuser rootpass statusnet db/statusnet.sql
Database “statusnet” dropped
ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 98: Table ‘statusnet.feedsub’ doesn’t exist

Cryptic ey :/
So I took a look at the code (very concise, no more than 5ish mysql commands) and placed some echos to at least give me a clue where shit hits the fan.. (restoring the nighly backup it is – frack; in retrospect there is a fresh database dump in /tmp/databasename.sql ; I tainted that one before I realised what was happening..)

# ./scripts/rebuilddb.sh rootuser rootpass statusnet db/statusnet.sql
Database “statusnet” dropped
restoring content
ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 98: Table ‘statusnet.feedsub’ doesn’t exist

So apparently the shit hits upon restoring the content.. *sigh* The database update doesnt seem to create a “feedsub” table that Does exist in the original database dump. Removing the feedsub table also triggers the following errors..

ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 223: Table ‘statusnet.hubsub’ doesn’t exist
ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 270: Table ‘statusnet.magicsig’ doesn’t exist

Deleting the conflicting tables enables the update to run decently; though you are obviously losing data there; Are these tables obsolete?? Or ..?

I hope this problem doesnt happen to others, but considering its a vanilla 0.9.0 install I was upgrading, I fear I wont be alone.. Bug report will be filed later tonight! 🙂

Edit: Christopher Vollick from Identi.ca just made the effort of commenting on my post and pointed out that I misread the README file! So nevermind all this, there was indeed a bug, but rather in my own comprehension module than the status.net code! Read the comments for more info!

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2 thoughts on “Quick update to status.net 0.9.1

  1. I’m sorry that you were mislead by the official documentation. Rebuilddb isn’t really meant to be used anymore. In the README it says that you shouldn’t run it if you’re upgrading from a version that is greater than 0.8, or it tries to.

    In response to this post I’ve made a page on the wiki to hopefully better document the upgrade process. It can be found at http://status.net/wiki/Upgrading and hopefully should be kept better up to date.

    Thanks, and I hope you have a better experience next time.

    Christopher Vollick


  2. Oh my; I just reread the README and realised my mistake.. Damn, that sucks 🙂 I apparently switched the 2 .. anywho 🙂 My bad :/ Sorry about that.

    Great idea, creating the wiki page.
    and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post!


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