The Tables Have Turned

Back in the day, when the first social networks surfaced, they were uniquely a “kids” thing. I had ’em all, I cant even remember the oldest I subscribed to. The whole, netlog, myspace thing actually persuaded me that social media wasnt worth the effort, immediately dismissing linkedin as the next failure; until Facebook came along and made sense.. (so far; also I was forced to make an account)

Still, social media used to be for the kids, back when I was young. Im only 28 and that makes me officially too young to say “back when I was young”, or so I thought until I found the following quote, realised that this person grew up with the social media and by growing older, dragged it out of the “kids” spectrum to the “Grown-Ups” universe, validating the age restriction idea! Back in the day, only teens bothered with the whole social media thing. Grown ups didnt bother; social media is for damned kids with too much time on their hands. Well, the tables have turned..

I’m torn on whether anyone under the age of 18 should be allowed to have social media pages.
Think twice before adding that picture to Facebook

Social media matured and I didnt even realize it!


Also – I am apparently getting old. But thats impossible, im merely 28, im barely out of my teens 😀 Thats it, Im skipping dinner tonight and only eating CANDY! Yes, and Chocolate! In front of the TV! Watching cartoons! And blogging in L33t5p33K!

Pe4Ce 0ut, B120tcHEs! 4Ll J00r b42E R bel0n9 T0 uS!

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One thought on “The Tables Have Turned

  1. I can connect with these thoughts very much myself! I really disliked the whole (not .be :)) redbox, myspace and netlog-thing. (Granted, Netlog has matured but I still perceive it as oriented to a younger audience.

    BTW: I do use the sentence “Back in my day” even now that I’m still a twentysomething.


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