Garry Loopy: I had to take the pain to send it again.

I recieved an IMPORTANT email from “Garry Loopy” just today..

I sent an email to you but it seems you never received it.I had to take the pain to send it again. I seek your partnership to enable me transfer some funds(?6m pounds) to your account for both of us and i am open for negotiation in terms of your percentage so far you put in your utmost attention and sincerity due to the nature of this transaction.I am the finance manager Bank of Scotland and i assure all documents to back you up will be provided by me.Please respond to me via email for more details EMAIL REMOVED

Best Regards,
Garry Loopy

yeah.. He did take “the pain to send it again.” Whow! Hotdamn, after that kind of an effort, I need to react ASAP! I need to HELP this guy; He “had to take the pain to send it again”!!!!!

I will however have to pass on helping that wonderful man; people interested in following up on his offer can undoubtedly find his email creds on the interwebs, since – lets be honest here – a nice person like that MUST have his data plastered over the internet with people thanking him for being AWESOME!

*sigh* at least the spam is getting a healthy dose of psychology to motivate us into earning a lot of teh moneys!

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