Vim and Emacs..

you know, there is a lot of shit about vi and emacs, but after working extensively with both; I came to the following conclusion..

The key sequence to save a file after editing..


  1. esc
  2. shift + :
  3. w
  4. enter


  1. ctrl + x
  2. s

Which one is easier?

And yes, emacs (emacs-23.1.tar.gz) is 41M and vim (vim-7.2.tar.bz2) is 6,87M (7035 KB), and that is indeed a big argument..

But my main pro emacs argument is the fact that the instructions are easy, convenient and most of all, more up to par with the modern usability standards.

Just sayin.

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4 thoughts on “Vim and Emacs..

  1. OTOH, Vim’s command is easier to reach. I’ve used both (Emacs for about two years and Vim for the last six months or so), and despite how you made it look in your post, Vim’s is faster to type. Just sayin’….


    1. Well, its always good to get a contrasting opinion; and I couldnt disagree more 🙂 I really feel the Emacs one is faster and easier to type..
      Luckily for us, they do both exist! 🙂


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