HTC Magic – Voiding Waranties..


gert@Benedict:~$ ./fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2H.img
sending ‘recovery’ (4494 KB)… OKAY
writing ‘recovery’… INFOsignature checking…
FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)

Guess I WILL need that new SPL..

Hopefully more time to check it out tomorrow 🙂

Edit: Ow! No need for a new SPL so far (Site said I didnt need it so I looked a bit further to not have to re-SPL it) Apparently I needed to fastboot oem unlock first. Tnx Cyanogen 🙂 Performing Nandroid+ext backup 🙂 Back on track! More later 🙂

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