The Project

Over the last years, I built up a few different sites – My blog with its many subsites, several small projects like the recent Jopin, the future, .. its a lot

The time finally came to move those together, clean them up and organise. Over the last few weeks, I had the pleasure of moving several sites around, setting up multisite Drupal, creating and setting up Jopin, moving the Doom site do drupal, WordPress and most recently, Microblogging.

Once the DNS records are changed, I will be able to continue on the microblogging and – right now its the waiting game, waiting for the site to

The last lil piggie in the pen right now is setting up Zarafa; though Im in for a break right now..

Maybe I just need a break from the screen.. What did I do before I started this project? On the other hand .. lets see if I can get Bioshock running 🙂

Edit: Bioshock Steam version runs. Pitty I dont have that version! When the fuck is Valve going to finish their sodden Linux Steam project?? I d REALLY like to know Why they canceled work on it. Whats the anti linux games propaganda THIS time :/

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