The day in Shorts

  • Even Im growing tired of the #Wii ‘s lack of Pretty and Recent games :/ No fresh shooters, no Resident Evil, no Heavy Rain, no … PS3 Time? #
  • Wait What?? €79,99 for a PS3 game????? Thats THEFT! #
  • Put your hands together for the https & Wiki 🙂 #
  • Ill call this one .. Jopin! #
  • Goddamned, thats the second time I try that brand of lasagna, second time I start feeling nauseous at the scent and taste :/ #
  • Brushing up on PHP although Id ‘ve written this in Perl in about 10 minutes.. The PHP is rusty.. #
  • I just saw “Ne Le Dis A Personne” – The french know how to make a good movie! Pitty we dont get to know more French movies in Flanders! #

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