The day in Shorts

  • A pretty girl with Silly glasses is Such a shame.. #
  • yeah, @neglectik , SMART seldom lies :/ Hope you didnt lose too much. #
  • Jummie Brownie desert Yum! hmmmmmmmmmmm! #
  • Listen to Gorillaz’ new Plastic Beach on Im Curious! #
  • Listening to the new Gorillaz album for the 3rd time; Not Convinced. Stylo and Superfast Jellyfish are cool songs though! #
  • Asshole parked in front of the house taking up THREE spaces! How can one be so daft?? #
  • Old favorites.. Sports with Maya (a new effort) and Lewis Black! Man, Lewis Black is FUNNY 😀 #
  • Hooray, Ive finally got a scenario for All the RPGs on the shelves. A Mage and Wraith scenarios completing the list! #

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