The day in Shorts

  • Re reading Transmetropolitan Vol. 5: Lonely City (New Edition) [Book] [paperback] #
  • This video contains content from EMI. It is no longer available in your country. – Tnx Man :/ ? @MurdocGorillaz: … #
  • 3 unit #LackRack built and placed, now all I need to do is move the stuff in 🙂 #
  • My blog is slow. What the hell can their server have to do on a Sunday to make my pages so slow? Am I seriously paying for this? #
  • Just heard the SpitsFM @Neglectik Carnival special. And puked a bit in my mouth. #
  • @Neglectik enjoying our saucer #PictureOfTheDay #
  • @gdk Ill fill the #LackRack and post pictures all around 😉 Right now its still Empty #

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