The day in Shorts

  • Damn, gotta love Gnu Screen!!! #
  • And its AWESOME!! 😀 RT @stubru Download gratis nieuw nummer van Gorillaz! #
  • There really is NO quick or easy way into recreative golf! How Elite.. #
  • @krisbuytaert oh; well, I was hoping not to have to go abroad to give it a try :p #
  • lol @ @MollyWood @TWiT #
  • The @FFGames Anima Tactics rules are online for download on the site – Why arent the @WyrdGames #Malifaux rules online too?? 😦 #
  • A watched kettle doesnt boil. I hate kettles. #
  • Preparing for tomorrows #Warmachine and #Hordes #Steamroller – Exciting #

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