The day in Shorts

  • omfg, leaving your office to make a loud and long phone call; only to come site in my office. Bothersome! #
  • Amazon License deal with Microsoft for Kindle & Linux servers Probably for using #Mono ? #
  • The Endless Microsoft Updating and Forced Rebooting is Driving me Up The FUCKING WALL! #
  • And there it goes Reboot AGAIN – FUCKSHIT*****************************************************************! #
  • Dear #Microsoft , What patent do regular users need to buy to be allowed to get Some Work done on #Windows instead of catering to its needs? #
  • 2nd phone call moment.. #
  • @nenya83 ; dont forget to follow @neglectik 😉 #
  • Just checked out the @iBodger theme list option.. Its Incredible!! #

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