The day in Shorts

  • Season one IT Crowd is HILLARIOUS #
  • damn, I always thought the Michelin Guide and the Michelin tyres were by a Totally different company. Food guide and tyres?? Damn :s #
  • Where can I get Le Guide Michelin, people to go around and try the restaurants in it and money to pay for it all :s #
  • Weird gMail cockup – Mobile version says 3 messages in thread, web version says 2 messages in thread.. Thats Awfull :/ #
  • This shit is AWESOME!! #
  • Barely able to keep myself from writing “Automagically” over and over and OVER again 🙂 #
  • Because stuff happens Automagically All The Time!! Automagically Automagically Automagically – you see? Automagically! Automagically! !!! 😀 #

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