The day in Shorts

  • Now, to fix that copying mistake I made friday evening.. :/ #
  • ? Charles Aznavour – Au creux de mon épaule ? #
  • Why do people link trough facebook these days??? Why? :s Just post the link instead of the link in facebook.. #
  • reinstalling the Pidgin #
  • put on your red shoes and BACKUP! #
  • My lunch was near disgusting. Not because of the ingredients; Pure preparation problem, Incredible! #
  • Fuck, I had no clue there were maker bots at #fosdem Pitty I missed that :/ #
  • A great reply to overly sensationalist journalism in Belgium #Gent #BrugsePoort #
  • eating the tasty eggs our delightfull chickens made for us 🙂 #
  • @maartenc cough #
  • Another ROFL @Oatmeal ! #

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