AskMen top 99 of 2010

Yes πŸ™‚ Its that time a year again!

First 50 past. Some weird ones (Rhiana???) in there, but the most important is that there were a lot of Really pretty women in there too..

  • 49 is a full hit with Olivia Wilde! Hot damn!
  • Grace park? Higher than Tricia??? Damn :s
  • Kim Kardashian? Because of the Ks? Because I cant see another reason :s
  • Emma Stone??? This is getting worse by the click
  • Hooray, Save us, Salma Hayek (34)!! I was getting desperate. Its always good to be saved by Salma πŸ™‚
  • Mia Kunis at 32. Not my fav, but she s pretty I guess..
  • Heidi! Heidi Klum still deserves nr 1, but I guess 28 is ok too.. Still, she deservers first place..
  • Jessica Biel at 27.
  • Malin Akerman at 26. She s pretty; she s cute. Pitty we havent seen more of her after Watchmen..
  • Scarlett at 23. I just read the black dahlia. I d have definitely pegged her for a top 10 position. Getting scared about that top 10..

Again some people I wouldnt consider. but no shocking ones..

Considering who passed the list so far, the top 10 HAS to be GORGEOUS! Im bracing for dissapointment..

Lets do the countdown..

Im starting to wonder who chooses the rating. Guess I should be happy that the prevailing taste is not mine, or whatever :s

Thats 2010. Another fine tradition, see you next year πŸ™‚

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