The day in Shorts

  • OOoooooh!!! – the new Nexus One google phone with a gigHz processor *Giddy* *Giddy* *Giddy* 😀 #
  • Im slowly starting to doubt the wisdom of importing those 267 old cellphone contacts into the gMail. So Much JUNK :/ Great success though #
  • @gdk , @violetblue begs to differ on the GSpot issue.. #
  • I’d just LOVE to use @audible_com , but it doesnt support my #Android phone, my #Linux OS or my #Opel #Insignia DVD800 radio. Frustrating!!! #
  • Now if only @audible_com would provide MP3s for download, Id be able to play it on all my devices.. The DRM concept is Usability flawed! 😦 #
  • Frustrated by the limitations, I am now looking for @audible_com alternatives that DO provide mp3s or that would just work for me :/ #
  • I just LOVE the word “automagically” 🙂 #
  • may prove to be a great replacement for audible_com – once they get their store going end of the month.. #

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