The day in Shorts

  • Weird, the amount of people who neglected to save my new cell number.. #
  • Why is this road Jammed up? Main road out of lede, totally Snow free.. #
  • 90 minutes and counting.. almost. #
  • Final count: 100 minutes instead of 25. Why not.. #
  • Howly fuck – I just missed the boat! (literally) 12:30 was boarding time for the NY lunch but I was in the programming zone till now. CRAP! #
  • Right. Move AWAY from the code & go get FOOD! :s I actually considered skipping lunch, but .. that d be stoopid #
  • fukthis – I could ve been on a friggin’ boat now!!! Grr #
  • There, almost 10 hours of work today, time to call it 🙂 #

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