I learnt another thing about switching jobs just now.. I had a wad of vacation reserved for December and took it just now. Only, my former employer paid all that vacation when I quit his employ, resulting in on the one hand a HUGE wad of taxes, leaving me with barely any of that money and on the other hand 10 days or whatever of unpaid vacation! :/ Which I took as planned, leaving me with a next to nothing paycheck in December.

January being the month when I do the years shopping for clothes, leaving me with a nasty and (in the tradditional yearly view) unexpected crater.
Though I now have 2 new pants, a new pullover and a great new pair of shoes πŸ™‚ Im quite happy with these aquisitions..


At least I crushed Stitchs Trollbloods tonight.. Quite unexpected as Reinald had told many a scary story on the Might of Hordes.. But drago took out his heavy on first contact and thats about where the story ended.. I always feel slightly guilty when Drago does his thing, but he s just Mighty like that.. Anywho.. The Might Of Khador πŸ™‚

Sleep now, lots of Perl in the morning!

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