I had a games weekend this weekend. And a weird one at that.

There were humongous contrasts all around. There was the positive side of Warmachine, Wreckage, Kubb,Dark Heressy, Zombies and Arkham Horror. Then there was the negative side of all sorts of people bailing out, last minute, leaving all of us hanging. In total easily 6 people, not a small number. And the event of my car having a flat, something that was partially solved by the car guy today, but that ll have me visit a tire center tomorrow. A nuisance to say the least.

A weekends of contrasts and one that, even though lots of fun were had, still leaves a bit of a sour taste. If only for the huge amount of preparation I put into it, small wonders performed as to the amount of work in regard to the available time. All wasted. And thats frustrating. Next chance to put all that work to action will at least be another 2 months, thats another 60 days of preparation instead of the 14 days I had to prepare in. And dont anyone give me that grub about having more time to prepare more, thats just insulting. I have prepared all to the necessary level. Im ready. These 60 days will only have me forget important details and nuances and will only stress how futile this all was.
And thats a huge blob of frustration, a cloud over an otherwise sunny weekend.

This does however not matter in the least since the sodden weekend is over, and we re off to another working week.

I need to tone down on the stress.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Thanks for the invite though. It was a lot of fun up to a certain point.

    Share the load next time, delegate, hopefully that will bring less stress :).


  2. oh no, problem wasnt the load, problem was that none of it was used.. And that just Sucked 🙂 I mean, I prepared a fresh Paranoia scenario for Saturday. And a fresh DnD scenario, 2nd ed ported to 3rd, for Sunday .. and NONE of that was used. Thats frustrating.


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