The day in Shorts

  • My car doesnt play .ogg #
  • Recieved my #blacksocks this morning. Wearing them now. They re nice & comfy socks! Its a Cool service 🙂 #
  • @bdeferme because it Rocks to get yourself a sunscription to Socks!!! #blacksocks #
  • @mcielen thas because you havent been able to appreciate the superior quality and home delivery! Not to mention the included lifestyle tips! #
  • @krisbuytaert @bdeferme Google Goggles is Available on phones that run Android 1.6+ (Donut or Eclair) #
  • @krisbuytaert Far as I know, @bdeferme is running – I havent gotten to installing it though.. #
  • No server yet, aarghl. But at least Ive got the beamer using the wires in the ceiling.. Much neater now! #

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