The day in Shorts

  • Im at a content low for my blog. Twitter isnt doing me any good.. #
  • I barefootedly kicked a hammer this morning.. My foot is seeping several types of fluid as I type this.. Theres lymph, blood, .. bluh. :/ #
  • 2 double espressos. Kickstarter! 🙂 #
  • The incredible unending headache. I tried, but now its time for Dafalghan! #
  • Tomorrow: Lunch date at Tashun, Gent with the downstairs colleagues. I hear there s been changes and im Incredibly curious #
  • ? @bdeferme: test #
  • @mcielen its called multitasking 😀 #
  • @mcielen Ill let you know that the clooney pic was a present from a dear friend! #
  • Early to bed #

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