The day in Shorts

  • Linux identity, latest issue read my and guy’s articles inside. And a lot of other interesting ones! #Pict #
  • ? Linux identity, latest issue A lot of other interesting articles! #PictureOfTheDay #
  • puking at hearing the Windows starting sound from my Linux machine speakers #
  • There s a scary License Agreement on the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications. Looks scary, I dont think I need those enough to agree. #
  • best 2 minute sandwich face stuffing in a while – Hooray 🙂 #
  • I am still constantly amazed at the sound quality of the opel insignia infinity sound system. Gorgeous sound! #
  • Watching code 37 on the beamer. How big is your “huge” flatscreen? 65″ you say? Sod Off! 😀 #

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