Having seen the ChromeOS presentation.

Excited as a little kid on XMass, I went scouting the interwebs for the chrome presentation vid. Apparently its being streamed on some obscure site that offers .wmv and the other crappy format. I am speechless at the fact that I need to watch the new google os being announced on some stream that cant even handle the load its getting tonight. That for an OS by the company that owns Youtube??? I am amazed and appalled. Luckilly totem to the rescue and I can at least surpass the annoying resizing browser popup crap.

I have to admit, I had very low expectations for the chrome. But thats good. Amaze me, oh lil peoples in the crappy wmv stream.

Sadly, I am not impressed after the almost 80 minutes of Chrome info. There will be a lot of opinions, stirring over the web like a drunken man’s puke disturbing a peaceful puddle after a night of cheap booze. And needless to say this wont be my last chrome post either. Not today though, I need to take in the data and sleep on it. I doubt that I will wake up Impressed tomorrow.

One point that really struck me in the whole presentation and that set a certain tone to the whole project, is the fact that “[Chrome] will only be available on hardware that meets Google’s specifications.” (Hastilly mumbled, but afterwards confirmed by the interwebs) Thats what Apple does. Yes, the os will be open and I heard somewhere that its a stripped down linux kernel.. but still. People will not be able to download the compiled OS on a convienient install disk. They will have to get the specific hardware with the preinstalled chrome. And offcourse there will be a Cyanogen (Kudos to Cyanogen and all the other peeps for their massive Android efforts) type of guy who ll roll the chromeOS into a neat little ubuntu based ball as to offer it to everyone, but I was hoping that google would do that for us. As finally I hoped they would do for Android too. But they re not, they re going the other direction and taking the OS down that irksome road. I have a slight twinge of Angst rising to my throat. Like bile.

But as I said, I need to take the data in before I’ll be able to write anything meaningful. But I see a rather negative piece coming up about how the Google approaching their new software projects.

They re off to a bad start with ChromeOS as far as Im concerned. They left me unimpressed after the presentation and disappointed me with their hardware notice.

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2 thoughts on “Having seen the ChromeOS presentation.

  1. Why should one care about “yet another desktop operating system”? I can’t imagine any compelling reason to move away from an environment (of which I have complete source code) which has worked well for more than half of my life and continues to work well.


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