The day in Shorts

  • I still really like this animation. By a tallented friend, #
  • I dont get all the people having trouble with #ubuntu 64bit flash and java. I have NO problems, unlike previous versions; Best flash so far! #
  • Its very annoying that you cant edit the description of a running Virtualbox machine. That d be like .. nice .. to put passwords .. and crap #
  • Dell: “Just take out your keyboard and check a connector.” There is no connector!! #PictureOfTheDay #
  • This is why I give Gaga more credit than similar artists. I expect Great things! ? @stubru: Vintage Lady Gaga #
  • This very common error is Really starting to IRK me!! “you’re expected to register all you’re worked hours” grmbl grmbl #
  • right, that was NOT google talk, so that chat WONT be routed to my cell automagically. Arse. #
  • Whats the logic in google not publicing their chrome os webcast on their youtube channel??? Maybe I need to look even harder or sumthing?? #
  • Why the HELL do I have to watch a crappy failing .wmv stream to learn about #google #chromeOS? Google, the company that owns fuckin Youtube! #
  • 25 minutes in the #chromeOS movie, im not excited so far. #
  • “[Chrome] will only be available on hardware that meets Google’s specifications.” #chromeOS is apparently going the limited hw path. Pitty. #

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