slightly shaken

I just had the pleasure of telling the hopefully last person that my Mom is dead. My parents have a friend in Thailand who sent an angry letter asking why he hadnt heard from her in such a long time. I tried to get his info from obsolete data last year (some old phone nr I found here back then) but that didnt yield any data and further efforts were drowned in the tumultuous times. So he didnt know yet.

And I had the pleasure of calling him, waking him up at 6 in the morning and he’s no early riser far as I remember. Probably screwed his day..

Its always tough to hear someone clog up with emotion. All he could say at first was “Oh no, Damn no” and he finally ended the call with some polite phrases. He was obviously shaken. Damn, Im a bit shaken from placing the call alone :/

Lets hope that ll be the last one, though I fear that it wont..

*shrugs* life..

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