The day in Shorts

  • Took a wrong turn. Gent instead of bxl. Habbit. Off at the next exit.. #
  • And now traffic jam. Starting to doubt if Ill get there on time or the semblance thereof. #
  • More jam. traffic advisors tell me another 40 minutes. 😦 #
  • Patiently waiting for @bdeferme to post some #Qik messages.. C’Mon Bert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Lets give quake live another try 😀 #
  • One thing is sure, its a Well Designed site!! #
  • yeah, quakelive is a great product. Damn! #
  • Galaxy on air. Just for you. At #qik #
  • Join me on – User DaG3n 🙂 #
  • Vi is Prepared for the Unexpected #
  • Whow Played some games n earned following Mad Skillz: Plus One, Psychic, Killjoy and Raptor. Badges for doin cool stuff? quakelive Rocks! 🙂 #
  • hey @bdeferme, still WAITING for those #QIK updates!!! grrrrr – hehehe #
  • @xinkill Try before you judge. Try it NOW. is Da Shit!! #
  • “Pull – Record 5 Shotgun frags of opponents in the air in one match. 62061 players (6% of total) earned this award” Talk about incentive #
  • @gdk #quakelive works fine for me with the vanilla #Ubuntu and #firefox #
  • @maartenc Data is on their servers (all your wins & whatever are safe) It also uses a FF plugin to work & stores game files in ~/.quakelive/ #

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