The day in Shorts

  • I took a look at #100Bullets collected 1&2 yesterday. I’m not persuaded :/ #
  • Thinking about having Garlic Potatoes to the traditional Italian recipe as we learnt from Kaishi, our REA. Jummie! #
  • This deceniums tetanos shot – check #
  • In about 30 minutes you ll want to jeep clear 🙂 #
  • This merguezz is turning out lede nice than i hoped #
  • Potatoes doing fine though.. #
  • @xinkill they were Awsome 🙂 #
  • The shot silicone in Crank High Voltage is So Tastelesly Hillarious 😀 Awesome #
  • The new #Rammstein is Explosive! 😀 #

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