The day in Shorts

  • There. the second article is in. Now off to bed and tomorrow evening Ill be touching up the first article. Hooray #
  • oh @pieterb I didnt know you were in on the microbloggings #
  • @xinkill so its pretty. Does it Work better too? đŸ˜‰ hehe #
  • Whow. Authors getting less than $3 on a $25 book. Even for eBooks. Why does ANYONE write under such terms?? #
  • @mcielen does that seem like a smart deal considering you’re not getting the other $22 on each of those 10.000 books? #
  • @mcielen that might be the official rationale and this might be the current state of affairs, but that doesnt make it fair or right. #
  • @mcielen that might be, but there is barely reason for supporting a system that does not offer optimal value.. #
  • Yes, Sheryl Crow is Hot! #
  • iWatch people dont offer linux support. Irksome. #
  • no, @mcielen , I was talking about – the paying VOD site by the ppl in Vilvoorde #
  • Pff.. wireless in aalst sucks #

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