The day in Shorts

  • Watch out man! This is Jam country! Trafic jam from accident or road works.. we ve even got choice #
  • ? twitter but with Video.. Im not persuaded. Might give it a try later though.. If there s an android app! #
  • @gdk They ll have to do a lot more than 1080 and blue ray to persuade me.. #
  • My snapshot droid app failed to save the tasty pancake I had over lunch at K.roes.L at #Patershol in #Gent I WILL be eating there again! #
  • – Asterix on Google 🙂 Cool! #
  • You didn’t come here to have fun …You said: “well I just came for you” (Nothing really ends – Deus) always hits a snare with me.. weird #
  • So christmas-y #
  • all out of Nutella 😥 #

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