The day in Shorts

  • I just learnt a lesson about Proximus roaming costs. A painfull one. Guess I should follow up things more.. #
  • Nevermind the roaming part @ last msg, no roaming, just plain cellular data w/o one of their data packs. The price difference is outrageous! #
  • the fun of beta testing.. I need to reboot, this most recent totem bug is driving me bananas #
  • Hooray for Rammstein #DeAfrekening @StuBru #
  • Fun!! ? @stubru: The Prodigy geeft gratis een remix weg van ‘Invaders must die’ als voorproefje voor hun remixplaat. #
  • Cafe late. with sugar. #
  • The boy who cried wolf.. RT @xinkill I just had an horrible accident with my audi, my luck that its only a game … #
  • Fruitful writing spree. Almost halfway length wise and a bit less content wise. Good! #

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