The day in Shorts

  • weird, with:public doesnt seem to work for me in #wave #
  • #Dvorak is really cooling down to the Microsoft..,2817,2354446,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03079TX1K0000584 Interesting #
  • The droid is cool. But the design is .. fugly! Is it the 80s?? #
  • wondering when ill be able to “read” the Embasy #Vook ( on my #Android phone.. Im curious, excited and terrified at the same time.. #
  • The OBSCENE pleasure of having a donut with yellow cream inside. Obscene I tell you! 😉 #
  • @vooktv My #Android phone doesnt support flash. No plans for a Android #Vook apps like on the iPhone? #
  • Using connectbot to start rsync on the servers.. how did I ever live without Android?? #
  • @maartenc whazzup? No laptop problem so dat here.. #

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